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Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels
Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels - Travel guide about the best Marrakesh’s charm/luxe hotels and riads
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Charm & Chic Hotels

Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels is a branch of the Charm & Chic Hotels network now under development.
The aim of this independent network is to offer travellers a fair information as well as direct links to the very best world’s boutique and charm hotels. To guarantee you an unforgettable experience during your next... « Charm & Chic » stay.

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Pure charm hotel Le Riad Monceau is one of the best Marrakesh’s boutique hotels

Marrakech Charm & Chic Hotels

Marrakesh is an extraordinary city that has an extremely rich hotel park. The choice is vast, with a very substantial offer in all price categories and styles, from small boutique hotel to large vacation club, without forgetting of course the famous "riads" who made the reputation of the city . But this abundance also has its downside. Alongside the best there’s often the worst here and it can be very difficult to distinguish the traveler's dream address from the tourist-in-search-of-sun’s trap.

Finding a good hotel in Marrakesh may be more difficult than it looks, and some caution is required when making a choice. This is particularly true for riads - there are over 500 of them in Marrakesh - whose owners are often individuals who do not belong to any hotels organization and that are not subject to strict controls, which opens the door to many abuses (illegal guest houses, unkempt hotels, false location on the map, etc ...).

Aware of this difficulty, the creators of Charm & Chic hotels set themselves the goal of building a collection of the best luxury / boutique facilities that are at once the most sought after today in Marrakesh, but also, by their very nature, the most difficult to identify and evaluate.

Having no direct commercial purpose, Charm & Chic Hotels selects hotels in strictly objective manner. Are taken into account the intrinsic qualities of properties (architecture, facilities, location) but also parameters such as their seniority on the market (important criterion in Marrakesh) or their ratings on major travel sites and forums.

For Charm & Chic Hotels only quality counts and so therefore it may happen that very few institutions are listed in some of our sections. One example is the case for Hivernage in Marrakesh where, to date, only one property is currently listed. This is not an oversight on our part or because we do not want to recommend this place, but simply because only one of the hotels located in this area currently meets the criteria set by the experts of Charm & Chic hotels.

Because most often themselves hospitality professionals, these experts recommend you do not hesitate to make direct contact with the hotels that interest you (each hotel sheet has a direct link to the official website of the hotel) because despite some attractive offers of travel sites, experience shows that in the particular area of the small luxury hotels, it's usually by dealing directly with the hotelier you will get the best offer and, above all ... the best welcome that, we believe, is ultimately most important to you.

Of course, given their high quality - which is often accompanied by a significant reputation - the here-selected facilities are not necessarily those who make the biggest promotions. We assume that travelers interested in such hotels are aware that, in the travel industry as elsewhere, the quality has a price and, when one plans to organize a stay somewhat exceptional, quality of service that is offered is more important than "the price at all costs."

Needless to say, finally, that having generally very few rooms, these hotels are often full, especially during peak season (school holidays in spring and autumn, Christmas and New Year). You are therefore strongly advised to book as soon as possible if you want to stay there. This is definitely worth the effort and you will not regret it.

The whole Charm & Chic Hotels’ team wishes you a pleasant "Charm & Chic" stay to Marrakesh and stay at your disposal for any feedback you would like to inform us.

C. & C. H.

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